Episode 2

Published on:

22nd Jan 2019

E:02 Robin and Bruce talk Trump, Naming the Kids, and Being Part of the Sandwich Generation

This week Bruce and Robin talk about parenting in the age of Trump, how they named their church, being part of the Sandwich Generation and caring for aging parents, and, finally, letting our kids know why it is important to share your parents with the larger community.
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The RCP Family Podcast
Wisdom, Wonder, and Wiseassery
Each week Bruce Reyes-Chow and a different member of his family will take on current issues, parenting tips, and pop culture references. With humor, tenderness, and a heaping scoop of sass the Reyes-Chow/Pugh family will share how they continue to help one another become better people while trying to make the world a better place.
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Bruce Reyes-Chow

Bruce is a San Francisco-based pastor, writer, coach, and dad who muses on politics, race, technology, and pop culture. He podcasts at @rcpfamily and @brcandfriends can be found at @breyeschow on the socials.